Presentation Guidelines

Submitting Your Presentation


(Not to be confused with submitting a proposal)

Setting up your slideshow

You give us 20 slides. We set them to auto-advance every 15 seconds. No more, no less - that's the beauty of Ignite! We strongly urge against the use of animation, video, or audio in your slides. If you feel these are necessary to your talk, let us know at least 2 weeks before the date of the event, and we'll see what we can do. If you do not contact us specifically, we will most likely remove all animations and media from your presentation.

You can create your presentation in PowerPoint or Keynote. However, we'd like you to export your slideshow to a 1280x720 (or 14.2" x 8") Adobe Acrobat PDF before sending it to us. Why, you ask? Because we often don't have the fonts you have, and you never know what images or details might get lost in the shuffle. To ensure what you see is what the audience sees, send us a PDF!

Before your presentation we will display our own slide that has your name and your presentation’s title on it, so that you can jump right into your presentation without introducing yourself. We'll transition each slide using a brief fade-effect (so if you're duplicating slides to "buy more time," be aware that your slides will still transition noticeably).

Also, it's best not to be literal with your slides - imagery will be much more effective than text in this format, so try to have at most a few words per slide (no words = just fine, too).

Submitting your files to Ignite

When your presentation is finished and exported to a PDF, please change its file name to your full name (ex.: Joe_Schmoe.pdf). If you're slated to speak at the next Ignite, you've already received an email containing instructions on where to upload your file. Visit that URL now, and simply follow the directions to submit your file to us. Can't find that email? Contact us and we'll resend asap.

A quick recap

  1. 20 slides, 15 seconds each. Export to PDF.
  2. No need for a slide that includes your name or presentation title (but you can include it if you want it)
  3. Name the presentation with your full name (ex. Joe_Schmoe.pdf), and then upload it to the URL you were given
  4. Due by 5pm ET Sunday before the event (all Ignites are held on Thursday)

What else?

Technically, that's all you need to know for slideshow success at Ignite. But what is it going to belike? How should you prepare? How is Ignite different from every other presentation you've given before? For a good pep talk / kick in the butt, visit 'How to Prepare For Ignite,' a refreshing step-by-step by Preston Lee for Ignite Phoenix.


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