Ignite #4


Shodekeh - Conversation Without Words - discuss here


Helen Glazer - Clouds In Formation - discuss here

Braddock Spear - Sustainable Seafood is Everyone's Business - discuss here

Janet Felsten - Think global; Map local. Green MapMaking in Baltimore - discuss here

Jennifer Cohen - Fired...Four Times - discuss here

Cheryl Taragin - Baltimore Moments That Made A Difference - discuss here

Betsy Gordon Ramp - It Up: Skateboard Culture in Native America - discuss here

Mary Spiro - The Story of Nanobiotechnology - discuss here

Julie Benoit - Focusing Attention - discuss here


Ryan Boddy - Brewing: the Synthesis of Creativity and Analysis - discuss here


Randy M. Sovich, LEED AP - Baltimore 2010: View from 1984 - discuss here


Steven Mandzik - Solving our pollution and obesity problems together - discuss here

Matt Kaiser - What to do if you're being investigated by the federal goverment - discuss here


Tracy Gosson - The Fear of Fear - discuss here


Jason Slanga The Basics of Zombie Survival or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Shoot the Brain - discuss here


Adam Meister How to live a fun-filled successful life in Baltimore without a "real job" - discuss here


Adam Borden Drink More: The Case for Legalizing Direct Wine Shipping in MD - discuss here















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